The following exegesis comes to us from a Facebook post, where a Greek polytheist provides a detailed analysis of Medusa within Hellenism.

She is a grandchild of Gaia whose primordial children were inherently unstable, violent, and not conducive to life as we humans understand. Their gradual defeat at the hands…

someone who’s been around the block, spiritually speaking, I’ve come to discover the greatest lie circulating the ‘spiritual but not religious’ crowd. The greatest lie is that you should “accept all things with an open mind, or you are being narrow and closed-minded.”

It is a common habit for…

is sad that The Hierophant gets a bad rep; his image has been unjustly tainted. He has wrongly been associated with the evils of organized religion. As more people reject institutional religions and their dogmas for a personal path offering an unmediated relationship with divinity, The Hierophant became a…

Angelo Nasios

Author, Ancient Historian, Theolatric Thoughts

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