Dealing with Negative “card of the day” readings

Pulling a daily card from your deck is a popular tarot practice. In this post, I want to tackle the issue of “negative” daily cards.

How does the “card of the day” work? Typically the way this works is that it in the morning you would shuffle and pick a card. That card then would represent things that will happen to you in that day. If I were to pull the 8 of Pentacles in the morning, I could assume my day would be laborious, involving lots of work to be done.

9 of Swords — Rider Waite Smith Tarot

The downside of this practice is that if you pull a “negative card” it could cause anxiety and worry. If I pulled the 9 of Swords in the morning, I’d think the day would probably stink, maybe it would be best to call out from work and stay in bed instead!

I took into consideration this issue while writing Tarot Tracker: A Year-Long Journey. In the tracker, there are options for either daily or nightly readings. If you rather not pull a card in the morning you can draw your card at night to reflect on the events of your day.

Tarot Tracker

If you do decide to pull cards in the morning, there are six questions to ask the cards (as with the night readings but different questions). Below are the 6 questions for the day.

  1. The Card of Day
  2. What can I learn today?
  3. I may want to do this.
  4. What should I focus on?
  5. How can I serve others best?
  6. I may want to avoid this.

The card of the day is vague, but can be fun to see how the card plays out (a bit of mystery can be fun). The other five questions are specific and remove the sense of dread that a negative card might bring. Using the 9 of Swords as our example, applying it the options above can reveal insights that a generic “card of the day” leaves to broad speculation.

2. What can I learn today? — I can learn how to deal with my stress better.

3. I may want to do this. — I may want to take it easy today, do not push myself beyond my limits, its ok!

4. What should I focus on? — Focus on I am able to do, what is in my control.

5. How can I serve others best? — Be there for others in stressful times, let someone know you are there to help them.

6. I may want to avoid this. — I may want to avoid isolating myself.

Dealing with “Negative” Cards

One of the best tips I can give regarding “negative cards” is this, do not jump to conclusions. If you pull one of those nasty buggers as a daily card, don’t immediately assume the worst. Sometimes your daily draws will manifest nothing of worthy note in your day. There are days where I pull The Tower and the day was fine. Just make a note of the card and your thoughts then proceed about your day and forget about the card until the end of the day. Come back in the evening to see what events, actions, conversations, people or situations synced up with your daily card. Lots of time the card may refer to something or someone other than you directly. You may be a secondary participate in a situation — an observer to something which relates to your daily card

Never fear the cards, enjoy the ride and learn from them — the journey is an interesting one.



Author, Ancient Historian, Theolatric Thoughts

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Angelo Nasios

Angelo Nasios

Author, Ancient Historian, Theolatric Thoughts